How to use Bloomin Amazing

You want a vibrant, colourful and healthy garden with the minimum of fuss and bother.  Bloomin Amazing can be used all the year around, that’s why it’s great as a 3 in 1 answer to a lot of the gardener’s needs.

Our dig free soil enricher helps you achieve Bloomin Amazing results in these 3 ways:

  • Forms a protective mulch to keep weeds down

  • High in organic matter to enrich your soil

  • Feeds plants with essential NPK and micronutrients


First make sure the area is free of perennial weeds, especially any deep-rooted types

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We recommend you wear gardening gloves and spread a generous 3cm layer of Bloomin Amazing on the surface of the soil and right up to the stems of any existing plants or shrubs. That’s it! Now just wait for your plants to soak up the goodness.

Let nature do its thing…

Bloomin Amazing will gradually be worked into the soil by worms where it will slowly break down, releasing its goodness into the soil. For best results, expect to re-apply every year to keep the weeds away and the soil replenished.