ABOUT bloomin amazing

This dig free soil enricher is produced at our renewable energy plant near Poundbury in the beautiful Dorset countryside, run by local farmers and the Duchy of Cornwall.

So you can be sure that, just as Bloomin Amazing’s unique triple action gives your garden the best care and attention possible, you are also protecting the wider eco-system in which every garden thrives and belongs. Our commitment to sustainability also means that every bag of Bloomin Amazing soil enricher is guaranteed 100% peat-free.

You will be amazed at how plants which have never bloomed before will grow taller and more vigorously - Bloomin Amazing!

Bloomin Amazing comes from an environmentally sustainable source and it makes use of a by-product from the production of energy. As you might expect, we’ve aimed to make sure that the rest of our supply chain is equally sustainable. Our principles are:



We have reduced the amount of material we use, and are seeking sustainable alternatives wherever available, especially in plastics



There are countless creative ways of minimising Waste. Some ideas for upcycling the plastic bags are:

  • Turn it inside out and use it to line your waste bin

  • Punch holes, fill with autumn leaves and create your own leaf mulch for next Spring

  • Use it to take masonry or rubbish to the recycling centre

  • Place printed side down on bare soil and weigh down with pebbles to kill weeds

  • Make fabulous containers for collecting up all your hedge clippings, tree prunings and weeds



We are working with retailers to recycle used bags from Bloomin Amazing. Check with your local stockist to see if they are taking part.  Also we use locally recycled pallets to deliver the Bloomin Amazing on to our stockists.